Information event about Dublin III Regulation: Prolongation of the time limit for transfer to 18 months

On the 17th of January 2019 an information event about the Dublin III Regulation took place at the Autonomous Center SubstAnZ in Osnabrück. The regulation is stating the responsibilities between the member states of the European Union on the matter of carrying out asylum procedures. The event was organized by the initiatives Solidarity City and NoLager Osnabrück.

According to the Dublin III Regulation the country in charge is the one that was the first EU country to be entered by the person applying for asylum. Because of Germany’s geographical location – as it is surrounded by other member states and mostly accessible by land way – a lot of the people applying for asylum in Germany are not supposed to have their procedure carried out there. They receive a so called “Dublin-Bescheid” which tells them that another member state is in charge for proceeding their demand and announces their upcoming deportation to this respective country.

The “transfer” would have to happen within a six-month period after the state in charge has agreed on “taking back” the person. If the deadline is overrun without the authorities “succeeding” in deporting the person concerned, the case has to be proceeded within Germany. At the same time, if someone is not found when ought to be deported, the person can be declared as “flüchtig” (abscond) and the time limit for transfer can be prolonged to 18 months.

People on the move have their reasons to deliberately decide which country they want to live in. A lot of them have personal bondages towards Germany like family relations, or have already settled, started a life and learned the language. The threat of being deported to another country is a big pressure to many and can have traumatizing effects, especially for people having experiences of flight and displacement.

Many of those who are concerned, have questions how to avert the horrible experience of being deported and to stay in the country. In the frame of the information event lawyer Henning Bahr gave an explanation on the current legal situation to the audience of around 30 people. He talked about legal possibilities of acting and answered questions from the public.

An resumption of the main informations concerning the prolonging of the time limit for transfer to 18 months is found here.

Furthermore a translation of the text to Arabic can be downloaded here and to France here.

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